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Tournament rules

Immerse yourself into mysterious world of one of the oldest civilizations. There, under the scorching sun and velvet sands, inconceivable riches are lying and unbelievable adventures are waiting for the brave ones who’ll fight for the main prize - 100 comp-points. Go ahead and take part! Of course, if Pharaohs’ curses don't scare you.

TOURNAMENT RULES: qualify in 50 rounds in one or several of the games announced in the tournament by the end of the contest. A qualified participant with the best results will gain the main prize.

Become the best gold digger of Egypt and this title will carry you 100 comp-points!


1 100 CP
2 75 CP
3 50 CP
4 25 CP
5 10 CP


Monday 02.04.2018

100 CP
75 CP