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Play Lucky Pirates slot online for Bitcoin

Online slots is a widespread casual fun. More people can play it today because of it’s simplicity and low entry betting barrier. You will be using bitcoin - world’s most popular crypto currency. This means your identity cannot be tracked because you only provide your bitcoin wallet address. Lucky Pirates bitcoin casino was made to provide smooth gambling experience. Any user can feel safe and comfortable while playing the game. It is also not hard to start. You won’t even have to leave your home. Once you’re on the web-site you only have to click a button and begin bitcoin gamble.

Game Theme

Lucky Pirates is a genuine experience that delivers classic pirate-inspired imagery to your gambling monitor. Lucky Pirates takes you to a different time where you can be a pirate yourself. Discover treasure islands and fight hostile ships while your monetary resources increase. If you like this you should definitely try Captain Venture and American Poker II. Users who like to test things out first will appreciate a game demo which is available for free.


The rules are as simple as they can get. You have 9 pairs of symbols that may pop up on the screen. To win the desired reward to have to get symbols of the same kind in every slot. Symbols manifest itself in the form of pirates, treasure chests, deserted islands and gorgeous vessels. If you run out of luck, one of the special symbols will give a helping hand. Among them are bonus, scatter and wild ones. The bonus symbol gives ability to play a bonus game, the scatter symbol increases the number of spins you have and the wild symbol will be changed to the one that better matches your current spin.


Lucky Pirates bitcoin casino delivers quintessential experience that every slot lover should try. Pirate-related theme was one of the first this game ever tied to go with. Your bitcoins will find a good appliance here. Your identity is safe because of bitcoin. You only provide your wallet address, nothing else. The pirates hide countless treasures and you can win all the prizes if you’re lucky enough. It may take some effort to see special symbols but it is well worth it. You can play a bonus game, increase the number of spins and replace symbols. Those users who need to test how it works first might play a free game before betting some coins.

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