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People gravitate towards slot games for an unknown reason. It is rather simple, yet fascinating experience. We love to win some bitcoins and would appreciate the ability to spend less effort on it too. Always Hot Slot gives you the ability to stay at home, play your favorite slots and also win bitcoin. All that can be done in one place and that is Always Hot Slot bitcoin casino site. Bitcoin gives you the ability to stay anonymous and at the same time multiply your fortune. Always hot stands out from the number of similar services because it was created to please users and make online gambling a worthwhile experience.


Game Theme

Many people around the world adore slots for their simplicity and opportunity to win quick money. Not everyone posses resources to take a bus to Atlantic city and bet the their monthly salary sitting at a black jack table. However it is a well-known fact that players win and winners play. Always Hot Slot casino gives a chance to bet some bitcoins and watch your favorite images on the screen that appear as symbols on the screen. You can really have a lucky day gambling at this bitcoin casino. If you like the look and feel of this game you can also try Emperor’s China and Magic Forest. You also get a chance to play a game demo in case your betting desire have not yet manifested itself.



Rules are as hot as the slots, meaning you won’t be intimidated at all by the gameplay. All you have to do to get your reward is line up symbols of the same kind. There are 8 pairs of symbols that you can get. There are also special symbols that pop up every once in a while. The bonus symbol gives ability to play a bonus game, the scatter symbol increases the number of times you can spin the reel and the wild symbol will change instantly into one that best matches your current pair.




Always Hot Slot is a great choice for those gamblers who want to feel classic slot experience and get an instant bitcoin win. You won’t get a complementary drink on your table but you won’t have to spend money an effort on a trip either. This is a perfect choice for those who prefer to stay safe and sound at home and also use crypto currency which is not possible at physical casino. There is of course a chance to play a free game to evaluate the gameplay and decide whether it is worth trying.

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