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Oliver's Bar Slot play online for Bitcoin

Online gambling has become a thing in the recent years. More and more experienced gamblers become interested in this kind of play, especially slot games. At the same time this is a great way for a new player to enter the community and start earning some money. This is also a promising opportunity to use your bitcoin. Oliver’s bar takes care of your security and anonymity by using primarily this currency. You can easily win bitcoins and it does not matter whether you are a long-time gambler or just looking for a casual fun. Rules are simple at this bitcoin casino and the only thing that matters is if you feel lucky today.

Game Theme

Oliver’s Bar Slot is your little cozy corner where you can rest and relax. You get a classic slot experience. At the same time you can view pleasant images of your favorite drinks and snacks on the screen. If you enjoy the look and feel that this game delivers you would surely have to try Alice in Wonderland and Lucky Pirates. Those who are yet to decide if they want to spin the reel can do so without spending any bitcoin. That option is called a game demo.


The rules are fairly basic. You get 9 pairs of symbols and you have to line them up nicely in order to get the desired reward. The symbols are images that any bar regular would appreciate. There are also few special symbols that transform into one-of-a-kind prizes and chances. Among them are bonus, wild and scatter symbols. The bonus symbol gives ability to play a bonus game, the wild symbol would change to the one that better matches your pair and the scatter symbol increases the number of times you can spin the reel.


Oliver’s Bar Slot is a bitcoin casino that features all the latest technologies and gambling trends. You can spend and multiply your bitcoin funds with ease. There are no complex payment procedures or verifications. All you have to do is just visit the site and play. This is the safest gambling option that you can find online. Your identity remains the same and payment is processed fast, thanks to Blockchain – Bitcoin’s security protocol. Anyone can play, it’s extremely simple and you will be constantly encouraged by new bitcoin rewards coming to your wallet. Those who are not yet sure about betting may play a free game and decide later.

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