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Play Fruit Cocktail 2 on Bitcoin

Bitcoin casinos have become fairly popular in the recent years. People are really anxious to spend their crypto money on gambling. This is far more convenient than getting your things together and going to Las Vegas. The couch experience is what we all love about 21st century and tech revolution. You can get your laptop and do literally everything now. Spending your bitcoins is no exception. You can find many online gambling websites that offer online versions of some all-time popular games including slots. Play Fruit Cocktail 2 offers to play your favorite game online but unlike other gambling websites it does that with style. You can play your favorite slots for hours now and never get bored because of the colorful imagery you see on the screen.


Slots theme

Play Fruit Cocktial 2 on Bitcoin can fulfill your wildest gambling dreams. You get to line up drinks this time and that’s no joke. Your favorite slots got more mature and fascinating. You can almost say that the Fruit Cocktail 2 blows the genre completely out of the water and reinvents it just right when you thought it could not get any better. You can almost drink that gin with tonic or long island and win some bitcoins in the mean time. Spin the reel effortlessly while your favorite drinks roll their way to your victory. If you enjoy this game you may also be interested in Unicorn Magic and Odysseus. It is also possible to play a game demo for those who have not yet decided whether it is worth your while.



The game rules make the game what is it, namely a brilliant casual fun that we all wouldn’t trade for anything. Anyone can sit down and just pay it right away. You only have to know few basic stuff. In most cases you have 9 pairs of symbols that have to be lined-up nicely in order to get the desired reward. Each pair of symbols is represented by one of everyone’s favorite alcohol drinks. You can also get one those 3 special symbols that will instantly put a smile on your face. The bonus symbol gives you ability to play an extra game, the wild symbol substitutes itself for any other symbol that better matches your pair and the scatter symbol increases the number of wins.



Fruit Cocktail 2 stands above your average bitcoin casino, yet it provides the classic experience that we all know and love so well. You can gamble as as much as you want at any time and see pleasant images of popular drinks on the screen that bring you those shiny trophies. Not sure if you are ready to bet real coins yet? You can try a free game and decide later!

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