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Crazy Monkey 2 play online casino btc

There's an inner gambler inside everyone. We all feel pretty good when the luck turns our way. To make that happen we're often willing to spend some serious cash at poker tables and slots machines. Unfortunately there's not always a time and opportunity to leave everything and go Atlantic City. Sometimes it feels like there's no way out and that could have been true 10 years ago but we have to thank new technologies for making our lives easier a bringing the thing we love right to the living room. Crazy Monkey 2 bitcoin casino gives you the ability to play your favorite slots using nothing but a laptop or a phone. Imagine going home after work, sitting back on the couch, throwing in some bitcoins and spinning the reel.


Slots theme

Crazy Monkey slots are all about risking and betting your max to get the maximum reward possible. Gambling itself is all about that really but Crazy Monkey takes this idea even further. On the screen you get to see monkeys dressed in different outfits and ready to give you the reward you seek. The people who made this game surely know their job well. In fact they're the same driving force that's behind Fruit Cocktail 2 and Unicorn Magic. Crazy Monkey shows the developers did not lose their steam and can surprise us even more.



Game rules are pretty simple. You have 9 symbols and have to get the symbol of the same kind on all lines to win the prize. There are also special symbols that bring special rewards. The bonus symbol lets you play a bonus game, the scatter symbol increases the number of wins and you can replace the wild symbol with any other regular symbol that can help you finalize your winning combination. The game demo is also available if you are not ready to risk your coins.



The Crazy Monkey 2 online casino is at your service 24/7. You can play your favorite slots which feature monkeys and those monkeys are willing to give up some coins if you're lucky enough. The developers have really done their best to deliver the classic slot experience and refresh it with some pleasant images. The free game is available for players who are not ready to bet real bitcoin and just want to try it. The slots were never so simple and fast and it's also incredibly easy to win. Try it today for free or bet the real thing right away to get the money fast.

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