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Game Pocket Dice Play Bitcoin Casino

This Bitcoin Casino game is relatively new (the story began in July 2014), and unlike many other dice games it gains traction day by day. Although the game is still not as popular as gambling games like Pocket Dice and Big Bang, it has many hidden treasures and the rules of this game are the simplest possible among the games of this kind. One of the advantages of the game is a realistic design that predetermined the simplicity of rules – players simply choose amount of the bet and throw the dice. To try out the benefits of Dice Play players can use game demo or practice with a free game. Play and try your fortune.

Slots theme

The plot of the game is simple as that: the user sees on the screen two dices numbered 1-6 that add up to a total. The game totally resembles the usual dice game and because of that dice players prefer to play this very game instead of the common bitcoin dice games that simply use custom range of numbers (usually 0-100). This game is a pure classics, unspoiled by new additions and rules.


The rules here a simple, just like ordinary dice game: the only thing the player has to do is to make a bet and select the outcome he wants to surpass. The highest odds here are 35.3x (in case if player selects the roll above 11 or below 3), the lowest – 1.01x (the roll above 2 or below 12). Take into consideration that if the sum of numbers on two dices coincides with the selected number, then it will be considered a loss. Bonus game allows the player to double the win – there it is necessary to guess three of ix outcomes in a single roll.


Pocket Dice proposes as realistic dice game experience as it can be in comparison with all other dice games that can be found on the Internet. The simplicity and great design of the game win hearts of thousands of players. More than that, the game actually proposes a chance to win one of the highest bet limits possible in a dice games.

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